High Tea 21st

The Sunday sun was already shining when Silvia, Bronte and Rozzi arrived early with the trailer filled with chairs, the urn, coffee makers, the pie warmer, picnic rugs, market umbrellas, lanterns, fresh flowers and platters.

They made sure all the food was ready, the running sheet written on the glass splash back before they humbly slipped away as if it were the fairies that did it! Of course the men were busy too! Reid, Skender, Brad, Bailey, Josiah and Luke. They were edging the lawn, doing the heavy lifting, setting up all things electrical. Paul Howard arrived with culinary delights from Glynis kitchen. Brad’s plied us with yummy coffees too! My mum arrived just before two with all things English, yummy treats to add to the supplies. Pam, Reid’s mum, arrived all the way from the Gold Coast- she’s an excellent vacuumer!

BIG thanks for the wonderful cake generously donated by Jack’s boss, Nick from Michel’s Patisserie in Warriewood! It was magnificent- see photo.

Minor panic that I forgot Step 1 on the running sheet – light the oven! Whoops! Penny started putting out the cold food first! No one would ever know! Except that I’m telling you.

Sam arrived with Grant relaxed, looking stunning! Grant relaxed (as always) Sam stunning (as always too). The picnic Bronte had packed them must have done the job of refueling her! ‘I was meant to have a blood tranfusion after chemo, but I would have missed the party!’ Sam whispered as she came in the kitchen.I decided to put my trust in God…and the stool we borrowed from Scott and Sue to prop behind her as she welcomed the 150 guests that filled our home and garden!

Thanks to Sue for helping make the food prep so much fun on Saturday too. Tracey, all those bits you gathered were vital! Many arrived laden with more food and an abundance of gifts! Silvia (proudly this time) displayed the tiffany cupcake tower under my chandelier. Marg found a corner to dollop jam and cream onto 100s of tiny scones she’d made. The place was buzzing! All generations in one place!

Amy, Millie, Sonja and T gave great speeches! Followed by Jack, Emma, myself and Reid. What an amazing community of people we are a part of! New friends, old friends, beloved family! “One thing I desire, that I may dwell in the house of the Lord forever!” ~ Ps 84. It was a chunk of Gods house in our house carrying God’s love to Sam…Celebrating life, love, our future.

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