In The Silence

“The Angel of the Lord came to Him a second time and touched him and said, Arise and Eat, for the journey is great for you.”

1 Kings 19:7

It’s silent today.
Two of the loud TV ladies have been discharged, hairy bottom man has gone for surgery.
We have two new men in our ward both with Lymphoma, both in their late 40s, I guess. It still doesn’t seem right that my darling girl shares a ward with all these men.Where are all the young people with Cancer?

Dr Greenward visited yesterday to explain his dilemma! -To proceed with a transplant or not. The molecular tests, the clinical trials, cameback earlier than we expected. If you have been following our journey then you already know about the ‘accidental’ bone marrow biopsy. The one the pretty ‘Brats’ doll doctor did. She had misunderstood instructions and on checking the blood results, gave Sam a platelets transfusion and neglected to check her neutophils (the part of the white cells that fights infection). Dr Greenwood was certain that there would not be enough in it to conduct the molecular tests/the clinical trials and that another bone marrow biopsy (BMB) would need to be performed instead.

Well, it turns out that there was enough (of whatever it is they needed) to culture both the first (the accidental) and the second BMB. Only the first result had came back on Monday when Dr Chris had seen us, and when Dr Greenwood had come to see Sam. It showed a high positive(+) result which is the worst result. It shows that there is still much leukaemic activity in the bone marrow. (Years ago before clinical testing the fluid was examined under a microscope onlybut now molecular tests show much more information because the molecules within the cells are also examined. Under the microscope, Sam is in remission but the molecular test show she is not.)

Dr Greenwood told us we needed two negative results to avoid the risk of relapse. This one, high positive result caused enough concern for a donor search to begin. Late Monday the other Bone Marrow Biopsy (BMB) came through. This test showed a positive result also but not as high as the first. The second BMB was conducted on the Monday after we all prayed at the Presence Conference. It put Sam in the medium risk category. Dr Greenwood is confused. He has never seen a medium risk result, only a high risk or a low risk. So I asked,
“What if we do another test and it’s low risk.?”
His answer wasn’t straight forward but he said that BMBs have to be done at the time decided by the lab and he had to do some convincing to test the second time and that there wouldn’t be the need for another BMB for now. He said he is unsure what to do. If Sam was high risk for both, a transfusion was her only hope to decrease the risk of relapse. But transfusions are full of risk. He said only 50% of transfusions are successful because the patients body rejects the unknown donors stem cells. 50% die because of things unrelated to leukaemia. On the other hand if we don’t do the transplant Sam has a medium to high risk of having a relapse.

Adult cancer patients who relapse have 5% chance of survival.(The statistics for children under the age of 18 are much better. Generally they don’t relapse. I have forgotten thepercentages. Being 21, puts Sam in a higher risk category than if she were 18. How weird is that!)

Dr Greenwood has instructed Cassandra to begin the search. In February, 9 vials of blood were collected from Sam. Yesterday 9 more vials were taken to confirm the lab information is correct. The results are entered into a worldwide computer search. All of Sam’s unique DNA is recorded and eventually, they hope, the computer will find a match. That can take months apparently and then they contact the donor to see if they are still willing. If they are, they receive 4 daily injections of GCSF and they go to the hospital in their country to donate. After that the stem cells/ bone marrow fluid are couriered to Sam. She then receives them through IV. Her body begins the fight to see if she can accept these stem cells.

Dr Greenwood said he is seeking advice. When he told Sam on Monday about the transplant he only had the high risk result to go from. The medium risk result was unexpected. I think she’s getting better. I think our united prayer at Presence changed the result. I’m a little unsure why God didn’t show off with a negative. So now we wait! I’m getting so good at it!!

Dr Greenwood has gone to Italy for a month. His wife, an oncologist, has a conference and they are staying for a family holiday. At the conference are all the doctors who conducted the clinical trials. Dr Greenwood is going to seek their advice. So why don’t we just all agree for a miracle. I know a God who is able. He could come back and request another BMB and the result can be negative. Or God can do something else to show His glory.

Will you pray for us?

I feel so much better today.
I just asked a lady on crutches if I could go get her a wheelchair. I told her she needs to learn to fight for what she needs here. Told her about my broken leg, introduced her to Sam. Ha ha! We ended up sharing and laughing about the lioness in every mother who fights for her child and doesn’t back down.

Sam said she loves me being here with her! So loving being a mum right now! Wouldn’t be anywhere else!

This morning Jack  did his devotional about Shadrech, and the rest of the brothers in the fire! He got such a revelation of faith!  He said to me “Mum, without great faith, no miracle can take place.” Go God! Help him write a song from that!

Yes the journey is great but shoulder to shoulder we stand in the battle. Leaning in on our God who knows our frame. His word is alive in me and with this sword I fight.

“And behold the Lord passed by, and a great strong wind rent the mountains and broke in pieces the rocks before the Lord, but the Lord was not in the wind; and after the wind an earthquake, but the Lord was not in the earthquake; And after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire ; and after the fire [ a sound of gentle stillness and ] a still small voice. When Elijah heard the voice he wrapped his face in his mantle and went out  and stood in the entrance of the cave.” And the voice of the Lord said to him  ‘What are you doing here Elijah?”

1 Kings 19:11 – 13

Elijah thought he was alone, that the battle was too great, that the enemy was seeking to take his life. He thought he was alone in the battle. After he heard the still, small voice however Elijah arose. He went and gathered the team. He found Elisha. Together they went to battle. Just like we are now. Our prayers are mighty for the pulling down of strongholds. See “Prayers for Sam” in Blog Roll to be a part of this army.



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4 responses to “In The Silence

  1. Kate Z

    Clare, your words are such an inspiration. What a story God is carving out with your family!

    Keep the faith girl, I look forward to reading your next update. Praying for that miracle, united in faith.

    Kate x

    • Clare Froggatt

      Thankyou Kate, I am realizing that I kind of met you at Presence Conference. I don’t think I got your card though that you told Bronte about? Thanks so much for your prayers and continuing to support us. When this is all over we can have a cuppa. Thankyou so much. Clare

  2. Hi Clare,
    I met you at RNSH. My mother was sharing a ward with your daughter. You remembred me as Lucy East’s friend. How funny was that, that my my Mum and her Mum were great friends! I have known Lucy since we were little.
    …My mum is 76 and your Daughter is only 21!
    You are such a gracious woman to have given your sympathy in your position. I am so sorry to have not returned it at the time. But I am returning it now. There has been so much going on.
    Its been three weeks since my Mother went into Hospital. Actually, she has been there twice in three weeks, staying a week at a time. I had to call an Ambulance because she could not breath! Then they drained five litres of fluid off her lungs last week.. that’s when I saw you. …Such an emotional roller coaster.
    During Presence I would I visit Mum then I go to Presence in the afternoon. I saw you and your daughter on the stage… Praying for a miracle.
    Then one morning I saw Professor Chris O’Brien across the street near where I live. He is the high Profile doctor from RPA who got brain cancer. He did not look well. He is supposed to be speaking at the Local Art Award in Hunters Hill this Friday night. (where I won a Prize!)
    Pray he can make it. Pray that he gets healed too and that he meets Jesus.
    So cancer seems to be all around… BUT we do pray against it! It was not a fluke to have seen you at RNSH. God is at work. It was a blessing.
    My Mum and I are praying for Sam. 21 is too young,
    God be with you,
    Love Dot.

    • Clare Froggatt

      Hello Dot, For years my friend Lucy has talked about her friend Dot. Any friend of Lucy’s is a friend of mine.
      Sam and I might see you in 12D or 12A soon. Keep painting those beautiful pictures.
      I remember the magnificent tree in the foyer at church. I have two favourite tree scriptures that have feed my life. One is all of Psalm 1 which I memorized when I was newly married at 19 and Reid did his first mission trip to Asia and left me in San Diego.
      The other is Ezekiel 47:12 ( i love the whole chapter). I believe as we look to Jesus the river of healing flows out of God’s house and there is healing and many fish. I am sure that the miracles God performs in our lives are for salvations and that we are to be ‘fishers’ of men.’
      What an incredible revelation of God your pictures depict/ Indeed we must have Harvest Eyes. We must focus on God and what He will do through all that we face.
      Thankyou for seeking me out.
      See you soon and give my love to your mum

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