Here’s to the crazy ones!

Dedicated to our friend, who fought a tough battle against Leukaemia with a sense of humour. You made us smile. Here’s to the crazy ones, here’s to you.

Footnote: Sam and I met Michael and Sasha (his stunning fiance) in the hallways of RNSH. We laughed and dreamed together often about a world without blood cancer. Then we met again at St Vincents as Micheal prepared for a new trial. We are so sad that he lost his battle on Sunday. Cancer changes your perspective on life and what is important. Our lives were impacted by Michael and his incredible belief that anything was possible. He was always giving something to someone. I dedicate this post to his life and to Sasha’s future.



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6 responses to “Here’s to the crazy ones!

  1. Sandy Foster

    Oh Clare and Sam – I am so sad to hear this devastating news. I can’t even begin to comprehend all the emotions you must be experiencing at this time. I am sure his life was richer for having met you both and his sweetheart Sarah will be comforted by the love and compassion you radiate. You are a bright and shining light in the midst of darkness Clare – I pray His light continually illuminates your steps and brave Sam each day gets braver, stronger, better and wholly healed – with her beautiful hair growing back thicker than ever! Praying for you xxx

  2. Thanks Clare for sharing this poignant film and thoughts. Andrew sounds like a great guy with a beautiful attitude. I’m so enjoying your and Sam’s posts. They are great “letters of recommendation” for an honest, persevering and true-hearted life.

  3. Wendy Gilbert

    Wow, a gorgeous little clip. That’s you Clare. I think your crazy enough to change the world. I certainly believe you can. Really sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. What a waste, of a beautiful young life.

  4. Jane Grover

    Beautiful……a lovely tribute……..may we also be counted amongst the crazy ones too xx

  5. Sarah

    Thank you Clare. So beautiful, so true xox

  6. Rebecca

    So beautiful! The world would be such a boring place without the “crazy ones”! x

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