If you follow my blog, live in Sydney and happen to be free this coming Tuesday night from 7.30 to 9.30 pm

I am speaking at myc3church in The Art Lounge.

This is located on Wakehurst Parkway, Oxford Falls.

Please register your interest by email to

I will be reflecting on what I have taken from my journey this year.

I hope to pin down the keys to what helps us sustain our intimacy with God through really challenging times.

We all face challenges and it is my dream to inspire you to keep pursuing your goals no matter what life throws at you.

Tea and coffee will be served.

Come and introduce yourself if I don’t know you already.


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9 responses to “Invitation

  1. Ali Cullen

    Hey Beautiful..
    SO wish I could be there to hear more of your wisdom and support you..
    You guys are in our hearts in a big way and we are praying daily for you all..
    Love you my beautiful friend XX

  2. DebMac

    Oh how I’d love to pop on a plane, hear your journey, hug you tight and be incredibly moved by your courage and transparency. Froggetts are tough (but soft and gooey on the inside)!!

  3. I wish I was in Sydney to hear you speak. God will move so much of that I am sure.

    Phil & I and our church are praying for you all.

    Your openness and honesty in your blog is truly touching.

  4. SO so wish I could be there tonight. Your talk is awesome! I may or may not have gotten a sneak peak 😉 Seriously, though, you are so amazing. Your journey is inspiring beyond belief. I want so desperately to know your God, to have a relationship with Him like you do. Thank you for being you.

    So much love,
    Katie xx

    • Clare Froggatt

      Precious Katie, It’s so special to have found you. I’m glad my editor friend gave you a sneak peak! Your future is incredibly bright. Keep holding onto His hand. He wants you to have that relationship with Him and He with you more than you may ever comprehend. Stuff can get in the way sometimes but in His eyes we don’t fail. We just need to keep getting back up. It’s like when my kids learned walk. We cheered their every attempt. We said “Oh, bompadaizee” when they fell and we reached out and gave them a hand. Eventually their muscles got stronger, they found their balance, they left the support of the furniture. Eventually they learned to run, to dance, to surf… it just took time and years of mastering.But we thought they were as clever when they first sat up as we did when they did their first pirouette (for the girls). Jesus is very much in love with you.

  5. glynis howard

    Clare thank you for your inspiring insight tonight . You are truly amazing, and I felt privileged to be there , and yes I too desperately want to know your God thank you for showing us the way we are truly blessed to have you in our lives. xx

    • Clare Froggatt

      Thankyou Glynis for coming and listening to me speak. I love that God is not far off, He hears that desperate cry in our hearts for Him. He swoops down and gathers us, setting us high upon a rock. He places a crown upon our head. He speaks to us and we feel like we are the only one, His full attention is on us. We just need to take our burdens and lay them at His feet and he takes that load and helps us walk. I feel privileged that you came. Thankyou

  6. Sandy Foster

    Thank you Clare – I wasn’t there last night – but I have again been able to read your words and close my eyes and “see” the pictures you paint with your words. I am SOO encouraged, inspired and challenged when I read your amazing girlonaswing blog. Although having not walked in your shoes and faced the enormous battle you have and are facing, you always manage to have a message that seems so personal for the reader (well for me anyway!) I sat in Hyde Park today on my own for lunch and prayed for you and Sam and sat quietly wanting to experience that closeness with God that you so often talk about. I am encouraged by you and thank you again. And now for me – whenever I peel and chop a humble onion there’s yet another reminder to keep on praying! Love you! (I’m going to print out this one and do a study on it!)

    • Clare Froggatt

      Lovely Sandy, Those Year 12 information nights can be so boring can’t they! But they are necessary and you did the right thing to go to that and not come. Thankyou for your constant encouragement. Keep praying for Sam the battle for her weight to increase, her heart rate to decrease, her muscles to return, her savvy, fearless nature to filter its way back to her mind. There is always a battle. I guess that is life on earth. I am so excited He is building us for eternity and that one day there will be no more pain. Thankyou for telling me my words relate. I don’t want this blog to be about Leukaemia. Somehow that gives the enemy the power. I want it to be about hope, and the God of all hope who reverses what the devil planned for evil and works it out for tremendous victory, We all have a situation that needs His strong, gracious hands. Love Clare

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