Hello world!

Hi, my name is Clare. I update here every Sunday (though lately it’s been Fridays). I am a Kindergarten teacher who returned to work in 2010 after a year off class. Instead of teaching I spent my days walking through corridors and sitting in hospital waiting rooms. My daughter had ALL Leukaemia, no sibling match, 7 months of chemotherapy (with all the complications that go with that) and finally an unrelated, bone marrow transplant in September 2009.

2010 was amazing, a rollercoaster ride towards recovery but we still have a long way to go. I never quite imagined how incredibly hard but deeply enlightening life could be. I invite you to join the conversation by leaving a comment. Tell me about you. I’d love to say hi and to know what brought you here. If you have questions feel free to ask me or check out the ‘Meet Me’ tab for my email address. I hope you find something helpful here and that you will be back. If you would like to receive ‘girl on a swing’ by email, subscription is free. Just fill out the ‘sign me up’ information in the sidebar under Email Subscription.



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9 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Love your writing Clare I like your” Hello World,” it sounds happy and exciting and I’m sure there are thousands out there who like me look forward to your ‘Girlonaswing’. I love you mam xxxx

    • Clare Froggatt

      Thanks Mam, It’s a shame it isn’t always as exciting as it may sound. But God is faithful and you and Dad have taught me well to put my trust in Him. Thankyou for your love, your tears, for years of devotionals, morning prayers and true hope. Thankyou for always upholding the eternal perspective, to help us realise that we are just passing through, that we are only visitors on this planet. Thankyou for always being SO good at celebrating the little blessings along the way. Love Clare x

  2. Ali Walker

    Hi gorgeous Clare, you always strike a chord.

    I love lists too. I’m always adding, updating and ticking off but like you the things I really want to tick off my list can’t be accomplished in a day or even a week of ‘doing’ – help Maddie understand that she is in a safe place and can trust us; make Clare understand that she is treasured and unique and will never be cast aside; so I stick to my more achievable list of check emails, bake cake for lunches, buy pet food and add ‘seek God’ to the top. You’ve inspired me to start a new list – ‘The things to lay at His feet list.’
    Ali x

  3. Clare Froggatt

    Lovely Ali,
    What you are doing for those two precious girls is absolutely remarkable. I am so often at a loss to know how to comfort my children who I’ve known since they were formed in my womb. I am in awe of you. I trust that in the letting go, God will lead you. As you tick the achievable boxes you will find God does above and beyond in the things where you feel you have no way. That their lives will be marked by Him, that through you making yourself available, His river runs through you to them, to refresh and restore them. Isn’t it amazing that all of our children are only temporarily ours. We are just managing things in preparation for eternity. You are an inspiration Ali. You are an incredible mum. Love Clare

  4. Kim Baird ( Sis)

    Hey ,Did you know I was saved through Larry Normans ” Only visiting this Planet “(amongst other life experiences with Mam and Dad) – Your comment to Mam reminded me – I still have the audio tape – shame I haven’t a cassette player to play it .

    Love ya Kimmie

  5. Claire – I’m a friend of Katie’s and studying to be a nurse, currently on clinical at haem/onc (12B) at RNSH. I’ve heard a little of your and Sam’s story and have been praying for you. I hope you don’t mind me following your blog.

  6. Jamie Johnson

    Hi Clare,
    I have been following your blog for about a year or so now. I was linked to it by a mutual friend. You have so beautifully put to words the very feelings I have and am not able to adequately express, as I am a science person. My son was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in 2007. He is in remission now. After 2 years of treatment and 2 years cancer free. The experience was life changing! I have had difficulty explaining to people who don’t know, just how it changes you. Thank you for the words that help to explain the feeling to myself. Our thoughts and prayers are with Sam, you and the rest of your family.

    • Clare Froggatt

      Hi Jamie, Thanks so much for letting me know who you are and why you came here. I am so happy to connect and so happy to hear about your son being cancer free. My lovely girl just left the house for her third shift at her part time job at the mall. You will understand how exciting this is for me to see her doing something like this. Something I would previously have taken for granted. All the little milestones become new celebrations and I had to stop myself from crying as she waved goodbye, holding her keys, telling me she’d grab dinner when she gets home. For a long time I wondered if this would ever happen again. Sometimes life is so wonderful 🙂 love Clare

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