Sometimes it feels like you
Are left holding the stem of the dandelion.
You are alone in a field
With a green stalk in your hand

There were questions,
Simple, yet significant but
They are answered now
At least for the moment

Every seed is airborne,
Lifted by the wind
That the word of
Your encouragement provided.

You watch the little parachutes drift away
You watch as sleep comes
You see the regular rise and fall of her chest
You see the tear stained trail on her cheek

You sigh, turning off the light.
Making your way back to your own bed
To the silence of your room
You stare at the ceiling

You wonder if it will ever be over
Whether laughter will come again
If your strength may ever be restored
And though you are immensely tired

You do not sleep.
You listen to the wild life in the garden
The possum on the roof
The hum of the fridge

You imagine the possibilities
Like every seed floating on the wind
Lands on new soil
Fresh and fertile

You pray that this terrible journey
Provides hope to someone else
That your experience paves a way
To bring new life

You ponder all that you know
Which you did not know previously
And you see that word spreads
And is multiplied like dandelions

Even in this moment
Feeling entirely helpless
Afraid and alone
You see a field in the distance

It is full of life and hope
Pretty flowers dancing in the breeze
Waiting to be picked, waiting for human breath
To blow and count the time

1 o’clock it’s Leukaemia
2 o’clock we need a donor
3 o’clock no sibling match
4 o’clock still waiting

And you wonder if your voice
Might be heard if you wrote well
If you created awareness
If you showed people how, where and when

You see a registry in Australia
With our unique blend of cultures
The Greeks, the Indians, the Lebanese
Who married Australians, all donating stem cells

Seeking to be a match, to save someone’s life
Someone not as lucky as your daughter
Who found a match though the wait was long
You fall asleep, you dream about miracles

And in the morning, as you prepare the drugs
As you pray that today is a better day
Hope floats; it rises in your belly
And you thank God that He is able

Reflecting on our journey through diagnosis, through chemotherapy, through the many months of waiting for a bone marrow donor to match our daughter’s tissue type we are so grateful that in the end the registry found not one but two willing people to save our daughter’s life.

Many people would agree that Sam is far from ‘lucky.’ The road has been grueling, complicated; full of heartache and agony. The future is still uncertain but fortunately for us we have been given a chance. Sam has been given a chance.

A donor match was found in both Germany and America and the American donor was the best option for Sam. Her donor wrote that his wife’s best friend had Leukaemia and that prompted him to be tested. He was excited to offer his stem cells for our daughter to give her hope of new life.

The Australian registry needs more people (particularly healthy males between the age of 18 and 40) to join. I am inspired to be involved in creating awareness and providing people with information to know what is involved in becoming a bone marrow donor. One of the hardest things on this journey has been seeing people die from Leukaemia because there were no available donor matches.

For information on how to become a bone marrow donor see http://www.abmdr.org.au


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3 responses to “Dandelion

  1. MaddyVeda

    Beautiful Clare, you write so so beautifully. Have been following your blog for over 12 months now … and after hearing your families story, last year I registered with the ABMDR … thinking of Sam & your family when I signed the papers .. thank you for sharing your families journey to date and inspiring us all xx

  2. Clare Froggatt

    Wow Maddy, that’s amazing. I don’t even know you. I’m sitting here crying as I read your response. I think people think a bone marrow transplant is complicated, or that maybe you need to die to be a donor, or that it is painful but with stem cells it is far less complicated and relatively easy to be a donor.
    I guess as a grateful recipient of stem cells (for Sam), I feel a fresh responsibility to create awareness and encourage people to do what you have done.
    Imagine being responsible for saving a life. Incredible. Thankyou. Clare

  3. No words. Just so much love.
    You are incredible.
    One day I’ll get my words back, & then watch out!
    Love you xx

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