Wordless Wednesday

Come over to my place!



At the end of summer holidays, with the sofa covers washed, the cupboards sorted and order restored I feel such sweet contentment and affection for my home. In a couple of weeks, chaos will return and things will be everywhere! But today it is a sanctuary, all quiet and peace.

What do you love about your place?



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4 responses to “Wordless Wednesday

  1. Your place is deliciously lovely. I can see myself snuggled up contentedly there.

  2. Penny Dalton

    You have captured the feeling beautifully …. evokes peace, serenity, space, comfort.

  3. Linda Macken

    Clare, I love your attention to the little things that make your home so welcoming…….warm and inviting xxxx

  4. Well, your house looks so serene, my house looks like chaos and I sooo wanted to be organised this year!! I love my new house though, near the beach, bitsy, cute, rustic, beachy…I’d live here over a flash new place anyday. It feels lived in, and like loves been here. Just before looking at your pics I was searching websites for a new couch to fit in my new home, not size wise but fit as in personality, We have never had a new couch, thinking dark grey perhaps….white is number 1 favourite but so impratical with little people. Thanks for sharing your house with us Clare it always looks like a home I’d like to hang in xxxx

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