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Sometimes Courage


Sometimes Courage stands still.

He doesn’t strive. He folds his arms relaxed across his chest

He widens his stance.

Sometimes Courage is silent.

There are thoughts and words and things to say.

But Courage keeps them to himself.

Sometimes Courage sighs

It is not a sigh of anxiety or regret

But rather a comfortable breath,

A knowing that in the end all will be well.

Sometimes Courage digs deep

Just to remind himself of the dreams

That once mattered so much

As he looks, he remembers and smiles.

Sometimes Courage laughs

He remembers a scene from years ago

When he lived as if everything depended on him

All that running, all that effort, all those words.

Sometimes Courage looks to the horizon

Not as Elisha did, fearing that he might miss out

That the chance might pass

But rather to observe the sky meeting the sea, blue on blue

Sometimes Courage is invisible

If it weren’t for the weight in your chest

You might just forget he were there.

Sometimes Courage nods

It’s a subtle move of his head

But it’s all you need to put one foot in front of the other

Sometimes Courage seems foolish

As you look in his face,

There’s a voice behind you that sneers and mocks

‘Who do you think you are?’

Sometimes Courage looks you in the eye

Reminding you that you are ready, equipped

And you know that it is true.

Sometimes Courage questions

‘Is this still what you want?’

And your whole heart says yes, but it’s not like before.

Sometimes Courage closes his eyes

The moment is sacred and reverent

But it isn’t a prayer

Sometimes Courage is silent

Holding out both hands

He bows his head in surrender, in total trust

That there is one who knows better than he



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