A precious commodity
Time alone
Just God and I
Where do you find Him
In all the busyness
When the activities of the day demand your attention?
When you wake with the sand bag on your chest
That steals your breath
As you open your eyes and remember the fears that gripped you in the night
“I am here,” He calls to you
“Let’s escape together
Let’s carve out time
Before the day begins.”
And though your eyes are heavy
And the bed is warm
You rise.
He has things to show you.
Things you never notice when you rush.
Messages unfolding from every day glances.
If only you’d watch
Take notice
Along the path to the car
He reminds you
That His word is a hedge around your life
That He is your strong tower, your deliverer
As you start the car you notice
An unruly wisteria vine that reaches beyond the trellis
Latching onto the hedge
“Like your thoughts,” He teases
Sitting beside you in the passenger seat
So you leave Him briefly to redirect the vine.
You thread it through a hole you find on the trellis
And as you look up you are astounded by the way it has grown
And you remember the day of its planting, when you first brought her home.
The fragile, green stick
“A bruised reed I will not break.” He says as you start the car.
“My hope feels crushed today,” you say.
“A smouldering wick I will not snuff out.”
You sigh
You drive
With tears in your eyes
How long will this take you wonder
How long til the flame reignites?
Til the reed grows strong?
You arrive at the cafe
To settle with your coffee and your thoughts
Still He sits beside you like a child who wants you to open a gift.
So you search out the verse He’s been talking about.
Matthew 12:20-21
“..Until He has brought justice to victory”
“Well we’re not there yet.” You remind Him
But He has left while you were reading the words.
You look up
You hear all the sounds of the café
The clank of the grains being emptied
The release of the steam
The change that chimes in the glass
The morning greetings as the people rush past
And you remember that through it all
Through all the busyness
He has not stopped hearing your prayers.

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