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Girl on a swing

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Photograph courtesy of Tracey Berry. More like this on Instagram. Follow @traceaberry

Plot exists along a continuum. The story has a finite beginning and an end. In this time frame the writer must decide what he wants his reader to see.


I’m trying to encapsulate all the things I am learning in my writing class. For five hours once a fortnight I trek from north to east to sit at a table and immerse myself in the craft. I’m an inchoate writer with much to learn, so I embrace the opportunity to ponder words over tea with a great linguist, a journalist, a musician, a film director and our teacher.

We want to write our stories and this is the thread that weaves us together. We dangle like charms, five different stories, experiences and lives. It was awkward at first. Yet as the weeks have unfolded, the boundary…

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