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He inhabits the praises

I’ve been reading Oswald Chambers everyday since my last post. Today he encouraged the reader to compare this week last year with this week this year. I can’t find last years journal but I found today’s entry from two years ago. Every week the same habit continues, so I thought I would share with you about the women I have prayed with and who have prayed with me since the day of Sam’s diagnosis. If you are in the habit of praying, you could unite with us as we ask that her ears would no longer bleed in the night, that her eyes would not be sore, that her ankles would unlock. You could also thank God with me for the way she views her life as a complete blessing, filled with opportunity!


“It is easier to stand in a place of bold trust than in a place where we cautiously and timidly cling to the shore” L.B. Cowman

Wednesday 28th March, 2012

I love that I pray every week with believing believers.

I love that I have friends who are bold on the promises of God. That they weep over situations and pray until the light comes on and the oil of God lubricates the rough, jagged situations we face.

I love that God comes. That he hears, that He sits alongside us.

Sometimes, if you lean in, if you are still – you hear the voice of His intercession between you all at the kitchen bench.

Quietly He comes.

Not that He was late or distracted by other things. He was not disorganised or worried or unable to make it earlier.

He waited until you discussed the situation between you. Til you laughed in the face of your fears, til you sighed, finished your tea, bowed your heads.

He came in the quiet intercession of your prayers when your words ceased, when the fear settled.

You didn’t see Him come in. The dog didn’t bark, the door didn’t slam, the keys didn’t jingle as He laid them on the table. You didn’t see Him but you knew He was there.

His presence was tangible.

In the silence He showed you pictures. He reminded you of His word, His faithfulness – the stories of old.

He was not worried about the missing lamb when He sent Abraham up the mountain with Isaac.

He was not worried about Joseph’s reputation when He was thrown in jail.

He wasn’t concerned for what people would say about Mary, pregnant, out of wedlock.

He wasn’t confined by man’s ideas or judgements, their fears nor the things that limited them.

And time and again, He proved himself faithful and He delivered them.

He used an ordinary boy with a rock in his sling to slay Goliath.

He didn’t care what you did in public or how great people thought you were.

It was your heart He fully desired. He wanted you to desire Him above all things.

He wanted you to know Him, to discover His character.

He wanted to move you from faith to trust.

He wanted you to know His sufferings so that you could truly experience the deliverance of His hand. That you would know Him and desire Him.

That you would rise in the morning to meet Him because without Him your day would be incomplete.




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